Successful Phone Calls on the PinePhone

I’m hardly the first to get this to work, but it’s still been a long time coming so I’m celebrating, dammit.

So far, the only configuration that I’ve used that can pull off both¬†incoming and outgoing calls is PostmarketOS.¬† The steps – what relatively few there are – follow.

Install per the wiki

My preferred interface is Phosh, and I prefer to include the firefox and midori packages since the built-in browser never connects, no matter how many hints I follow.

Even though most work on the device is via ssh, it can also be helpful to install xterm.

I’ve also started including the postmarketos-anbox and android-tools packages in an attempt to get Android apps running, but that’s another story entirely.

Configure sound

Once the phone is up and running, the only additional step needed is to enter Sound configuration and set both configurations to Place a Phone Call.  This accomplishes all the mappings that we were previously trying to pull off using pactl.

‘Tis Better to Receive than to Give

I don’t know why, but for some reason I can’t place calls until I’ve received one first.¬† So make sure that your first test is a call¬†to your PinePhone.

Celebrate your cleverness

Receive a call. Place a call.¬† Revel in the new ability to say “hello” from your left hand and hear it with your right hand.

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