Scrape Student Contacts from Aspen

It’s  a new semeseter, and that means teachers are manually loading their students’ contacts into their phones.

If you teach for DCPS – or any other school system that uses the Aspen Student Information System – this process sucks. There’s no unified way to extract every contact for multiple students, so you’re faced with the prospect of clicking on each student and manually pulling their contacts…

Until now.

I’ve thrown together a simple Python app that logs into Aspen, pulls all of your students’ contacts into a single file, and can even format that file for importing directly into your Google contacts.

Getting/Using the App

All of the directions are on the project’s GitLab page, including installation instructions for Windows and MacOS.

Asking Questions

Is best done in the comment section of this post.

Future Work

Includes exporting of contacts to vCard format, compatible with Apple devices.

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