Month: July 2020

Update: Consistently Successful Calls on PinePhone with UBPorts

This’ll be a short one.

A short while ago I posted about my first successful outgoing calls on the PinePhone, and stated that they weren’t terribly consistent and that they had no voice:

I can get the PinePhone to ring other phones – which is still a new accomplishment – but no voice comes through. Alas.

If you’re like me, you’ll now have a 1:5 (up from 0:5) chance of being able to successfully dial out.

That has changed, due both to a software update and a trick.

Stick to the Dev Channel

I can’t speak for the Stable channel, but at least with Dev Version 61 outgoing calls have crystal-clear voice 100% of the time.

Lose the Extra G

Browsing the UBPorts Forums, folks indicated that UBPorts doesn’t have a good time with VoLTE (Voice over LTE), and thus can’t pull off 4G calls at all. Normally, the phone should be able to recognize this fact and switch automatically to 3G, and I’m guessing that’s what my phone did the 1 in 5 times that it successfully placed a call.

To up that ratio to 1:1, go to Settings | Network | Cellular Settings and select 2G/3G as the Connection Type.

Thereafter, calls should always connect.

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