Mistakes to Avoid With the PinePhone

As mentioned before by me and many, many others, the PinePhone Brave Heart edition is very much not road ready.  That’s fine, but it does mean you’ll probably find yourself reflashing your device’s image a few times.  What follows are the various mistakes that have led me to re-flash my phone.

Decreasing the Brightness

As soon as you move that slider, your brightness will go to nil. As in no image at all.  If you have SSH enabled, you can probably set that brightness back, but there’s a good chance that you’ll make the move prior to having SSH set up.  Whoopsie.

Applies To

  • Sailfish OS
  • Ubuntu Touch (only if you decrease it fully)
  • PostMarketOS (only if you decrease it fully)

Turning off WiFi

Under Ubuntu Touch, turning off WiFi somehow borks the radio, requiring you to toggle it off and back on.  Not a huge nuisance, but not nothing either.

Applies To

  • Ubuntu Touch

Following that modem.txt document

A lot of folk, myself included, have tried to enable voice calls by following this file.

Don’t. do. it.

The file relies on a custom kernel, and if you set your QDAI settings per this file, you will end up unable to make phone calls until you reset it to factory defaults – which you have to do manually.

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