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#PublicSchoolGrad / #PublicSchoolSuccess Image Generator

It returns!

A couple weeks ago, Diane Ravitch sent out this tweet:

So of course it was time to dust off the #PublicSchoolSuccess image generator.  I made a few updates, including a new color scheme.  Also, since my coding abilities remain complete shite, I threw the code to GitLab so others may modify it.

Credit remains with Shane Chism for the original code.

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#PublicSchoolSuccess Image Generator

The amazing people at Badass Teachers Association put together an excellent Twitter campaign featuring notable public school graduates.  Some examples:


To make something like this go viral, though, will take thousands more contributions.

So, I threw together an app that will let people add their face to the image and post it to their favorite social media.

The #PublicSchoolSuccess App

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Upload a picture of your face.
Step 3: Save the resulting image.
Step 4: Tweet it to @BetsyDeVos and make sure to use the hashtag #PublicSchoolSuccess. If you have the space, copy @BadassTeachersA as well.
Step 5: Spread the gospel.

The Code

To be clear, I did pitifully little to create this.  All the grunt work was done by Shane Chism and I just tweaked the code.  That said, if you want the gory details, I’ll post them shortly.

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